Bin collections are undertaken in Manningham every weekday, including public holidays. Your garbage bin is emptied weekly and your recycle bin and garden bin are emptied on alternate fortnights on the same day as your garbage bin. 

Please place your bins out the night before your collection day and return them to your property at the end of your collection day. 

When are my bins emptied?

Find out on which day your bins are emptied using these options:

  1. Enter your home address into the what's near me search field and scroll down to view the date of your bin collection, or
  2. Download the Icon for application/pdf Waste Collection Calendar 2019/20 (334.52 KB) to determine which waste collection area your property is in. 

Alternatively, contact us to have the Waste and Recycling Guide posted to you.

Bin collection in high fire risk areas

If your bin collection day is Friday, you live in a designated high fire risk area. Please note that on code red days your waste collection services will be postponed. Please leave your bins out until they are collected.

Please note a code red day is not the same as a total fire ban day. Learn more about the fire danger ratings.

How do I place my bins for collection?

To assist in providing a safe and efficient service and to avoid a missed bin collection, please consider the following points:

Illustration to show bins 50cm distance apartEnsure bins are at least half a metre (50 cm) apart.
Illustration of bin placed near carAllow a minimum of 1 metre clearance from parked cars, trees, light poles or any other obstructions.
Illustration of bin overfilled and lid not being able to closeDo not overfill bins and ensure bins are presented with the lids closed. Overfilled bins cause street litter. Extra bags next to the bins will not be collected. 

Please note the hydraulic arm on our trucks cannot collect bins that are heavier than 75kg.

Bin placement in court bowls or hammerhead courts

If you live in a court bowl or a hammerhead court you will need to place your bins on the straight section of the street for collection.

Hammerhead and Court bowl bin placementNo bins can be placed in the bowl or in the hammerhead of a court.

Bin placement in dead end streets

If you live in a dead end street you may need to place your bins on one side to assist with collection. If you are not sure where you should place your bins for collection please contact the Waste Management Team.

Dead End Streets and CourtsBins to be placed only on one side of the street.

'In home' bin collection service

We offer a collection service for residents who, due to frailty, disability, medical or mobility conditions, are unable to place their bins out for the weekly waste collection. Please refer to 'In home' bin collection service for more details.