Businesses, shops and other commercial properties in Manningham can choose to opt for a waste service with us or a private waste collection service. Our commercial waste service provides businesses with a 240 litre red lid garbage bin. Additional bins are also available. 

What can and can't I put into my commercial garbage bin?

Please refer to the list of items listed for garbage bins to find out what you can and can't put into your commercial garbage bin. 

Order a commercial garbage bin

Only landlords or property managers have the authority to order a commercial waste service. If you would like to order a commercial waste service, please contact us

Type of binAnnual cost 2019/20 
Commercial Garbage Bin - 240 litre$514.50
Additional Commercial Garbage Bin - 240 litre$642.50

When is my commercial garbage bin emptied?

To find out which day your commercial bin is emptied on, enter your business address into the what's near me search field and scroll down to view the date of your bin collection.