Residential property owners have the choice of either a 240 litre or a 360 litre yellow lid recycle bin. Additional bins are also available. To view bin prices, please visit order new bins.

Please remmeber that all items placed into your recycle bin must be loose, not in plastic bags. Soft plastic items that you can scrunch in your hand (glad wrap, plastic packaging or plastic bags) must not be placed in your recycle bin. These can be placed into your garbage bin or can be taken to major supermarkets for recycling. Please note that the hydraulic arm on our trucks cannot collect bins that are heavier than 75kg.

What can I put into my recycle bin?

Photo of various household aluminium cans containers with tick
Clean foil trays,
empty aluminium, steel
and aerosol cans


photo of various glass jars and bottles
Empty glass bottles
and jars


Photo of various newspapers, magazines, letters and envelopes with tick
Papers, envelopes, junk mail,
brochures, magazines and
telephone books

photo of various milk and juice cartons with tick
Empty milk
and juice cartons


Photo of various plastic bottles and containers with tick
Empty plastic
bottles and containers

photo of various cardboard cereal boxes and egg cartons with tick
Cardboard boxes


What can't I put into my recycle bin?

photo of various plastic bags with cross
No plastic bags


photo of various soft plastic wrappers packaging with cross
No soft plastic packaging

Photo of recyclable items in a plastic bag with cross
No recylables in plastic bags

Photo of household garbage in a plastic bag with cross
No garbage


Photo of various pyrex glassware and crockery with cross
No crockery, Pyrex or glassware

Photo of various polystyrene items with cross
No polystyrene


Photo of various hazardous chemical containers, batteries with cross
No oil, chemicals
or hazardous waste

Photo of twigs, leaves and braches with cross
No garden waste


Photo of baby nappy with cross
No nappies


Photo of various building materials including wood, bricks and concrete with cross
No building material,
bricks, steel or wood

photo of various mirrors globes and glass with cross
No light globes,
window glass or mirrors


Photo of clothes linen folded, shoes and thongs with cross
No clothes, linen
or shoes


When will my recycle bin be emptied?

Your recycle bin is emptied each fortnight, on the alternate week to your garden bin. To find out which day your recycle bin is emptied, please refer to bin collection days.