Responding to climate change

As an environmentally forward thinking Council, we believe the decisions we make today have the potential to change the future for generations to come.

We recognise that climate change is a defining issue of our time and requires a collaborative and urgent response. By actively working together — Council, our community, schools, businesses and partners — we have the opportunity to create a more sustainable future for us all.

Read our Climate Emergency Response Plan.

Green wedge

Creating a clean and renewable future

As part of our response to climate change, we are continuing to focus efforts on building a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future. We are doing this by reducing emissions from Council operations, managing our energy/water/waste in smart, responsible ways and by building awareness, educating and empowering our community to do the same.

Climate emergency

Tackling climate change

Climate change is already impacting our environment, liveability, our health and local economy and it requires an immediate and urgent response. We all need to work together — Council, the community, schools and businesses — to take action to address the impacts of climate change and work towards a more sustainable future.

Timeline for climate action

What we are doing

Motion to declare climate emergency approved by Council

On January 28 2020, Manningham Council unanimously approved a motion to declare a climate emergency. This resolution acknowledged that we are in a state of serious climate and environmental change and that urgent climate actions were required.

Climate mitigation targets adopted by Council

On October 2021, Manningham Council unanimously adopted climate mitigation targets. These targets are:

  • net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2028 for Council operations
  • net zero emissions by 2035 for the Manningham community

The climate emergency resolution and the net zero targets empower us to enhance climate action. Community feedback acknowledged a shared commitment with Council to increase action on climate change.

Draft Climate Emergency Action Plan developed

A Climate Emergency Action Plan was developed, outlining actions to address climate change.

Published Climate Emergency Response Plan

In July 2023 after further consultation, Manningham Council published the renamed Climate Emergency Response Plan. The Climate Emergency Response Plan (CERP) outlines the approach to addressing climate change and its impact on Manningham.

Key actions include:

  • improved public transport and car share services
  • increased electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • conversion to energy efficient LED streetlights
  • expanding rooftop solar and batteries program
  • household energy saving measures
  • diverting food and garden organics (FOGO) waste from landfill
  • incentives to recycle and repurpose materials
  • preserving and strengthening local biodiversity and bushland reserves
  • strengthening community education and awareness raising through workshops, events and activities.

100 per cent renewable energy at Council buildings and sports facilities

Manningham Council has signed the VECO electricity contract. VECO is an initiative involving 46 Victorian councils, known as the Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO).  

Thanks to the signing of this monumental contract, we will be able to make the following changes:

  • End of 2022 - 100 per cent green electricity will be running:
    • the Pines Shopping Centre
    • Manningham Civic Centre
    • MC Square
    • Manningham Depot 
  • End of 2023 - Manningham netball stadiums and Aquarena will transfer to the contract as well. 
  • 1 January 2025 - all our electricity requirements will be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. This includes:
    • buildings 
    • street lights
    • EV charging points 

All this new renewable energy comes from two wind farms, located in Horsham and Dundonnell.

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