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Septic tanks need ongoing maintenance to make sure they function for an extended period of time.

If your septic tank gets blocked or malfunctions, it can be messy, costly to repair and poses a threat to our waterways, creating potential public health issues.


How to maintain your septic system

Different types of septic system each have specific maintenance requirements. It’s important for you to understand their own system. Below are some common questions.


How often should you clean a septic tank and grease trap?

Get your septic tank pumped out every three years for a family of up to five people. This can vary depending on how much wastewater enters the system (the more people using the system, the more often you need to pump out). After you have cleaned your septic tank, you must notify us.

If you have a grease trap, check how full it is every three months, and have it pumped out at least every six months.


Who can pump out a septic tank and grease trap?

To pump out your septic tank and grease trap, you must use specialist septic tank cleaning companies.

These specialists insert a large hose into the top lid of the septic tank and pump the sludge and scum up and into a temporary storage tank. This is then disposed at an EPA approved site (generally a commercial sewage treatment facility).


How to manage bad odours?

Sometimes new systems are smelly as the biological process gets established. If this is a problem, flush a handful of lime down the toilet every day for about a week or until the smell goes away.

Some plants can help effluent disposal trenches to function as they soak up water during the wetter months. Grasses are best near the first few rows of trenches because they have a root system that won’t invade the pipes.

Check with your local indigenous nursery for plants and grasses including:

  • Weeping Grass,

  • Purple-sheath Tussock-grass,

  • Common Tussock-grass,

  • Kangaroo Grass, Hooker’s Fescue,

  • Australian Sweet Grass,

  • Sedges including Tall, Tassel and Knob Sedges, Spiny-headed Mat-Rush, Pale Rush, Green Rush.

Or explore using other suitable water-loving plants including groundcovers, wildflowers and small shrubs.


Notify us of your septic tank clean

Each time you have your tank or cleaned, you must notify us.

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You may also notify us by email - send a copy of your invoice and details of your septic tank to


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