Manningham Pound

View our lost animal database:

This database includes any lost pets at the pound that are not registered or microchipped:

No lost animals to report at this time


Pick up your lost animal

We will always attempt to get your registered and microchipped pet home to you.

What to bring when collecting your pet?

You will need to bring the following:

  • photo ID such as a drivers licence
  • a dog lead if you're collecting a dog.


How much does it cost?

If your pet:

  • is collected by us during business hours on the day it is impounded, a release fee is payable
  • is picked up by us outside normal business hours, an additional release fee is payable
  • is not collected on the day of impound, an additional daily fee is charged and for each subsequent day to care for the animal

Additional fees apply if your pet is not already microchipped or registered with us.

Microchip and register your pet to avoid future fees.