Recycle food waste and start composting

Why recycle food waste?

When food and garden waste is sent to landfill it decomposes without oxygen (anaerobically). This process produces odorous gases and methane, which has a global warming potential 25 times greater than carbon dioxide.

Also our garbage bins contain approximately 50% food and garden waste. That means composting your food you can cut your rubbish in half.


Start composting with our Compost Community promotion

To assist you to reduce your waste and start composting, we offer a range of discounted composting products through Compost Community. Manningham residents can receive 40% off the recommended retail price, including free delivery.


Who can order from Compost Community?

You can order from this program as long as:

  • you live in a residential property in our municipality

  • your household has not already ordered through this promotion.


What products are available?

We are offering 5 types of composting systems through the Compost Community promotion. Here is a list of the available products:


Composting system

RRP (incl. shipping)

Cost (40% off and free delivery)

Worm farming starter pack



Compost starter pack



Bokashi starter pack



Pet poo composting kit



Tumbler pack



Replacement worms pack



How to purchase products

  1. Enter in your Manningham residential address.

  2. Choose your composting system.

  3. Order your products.

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