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What is a section 57a amendment?

A section 57a amendment is a request to make changes to an application after giving notice of the application, but before the making of a decision on the application.


When can you make a section 57a amendment application?

You can make an amendment application if:

  • there is a planning permit application in progress
  • the permit application has been through public notification
  • we have not made a decision on the application yet
  • you have paid the application fee.

Section 57a amendments are common in situations where:

  • you have changed your mind about part of an application and want to make changes before the planning officer makes a final decision
  • your changes are in response to objector concerns.

For applications that don’t require advertising, use a section 50 amendment instead.


Applying to amend your application or plans during the application process

During the application process, you can apply to amend either your application, plans or both. Amendments can include the following:

  • A change or addition to the land use that the application is seeking.
  • A change to the property address to which the application applies.
  • A change to the plans, other documents or both.


    How to apply

    Download and complete the section 57a amendment form:

    S57A amendment request form
    S57A amendment request form
    94.49 KB

    and submit via the planning applications portal.


    What happens next?

    The planning officer will assess the amended application and may request further information.

    After a section 57a amendment, a further public notification period may be necessary.