Report an illegally parked or abandoned vehicle

How to report an illegally parked or abandoned vehicle

Read the information below before you report.

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We patrol daily to encourage compliance with parking restrictions and fair access to parking for as many drivers as possible.

If you’ve noticed an illegally parked vehicle, report it to us and we'll attend as soon as possible.

Check what type of vehicle issues you can report and where you can report it. If unsure, contact us.

What can you report?

Illegally parked vehicles


Abandoned vehicles


How to report an issue

  1. Prepare the following information before you report:
    • The location of the issue
    • The date and time of when the issue occurred
    • A photo of the vehicle (if possible)
    • Historic details leading up to you reporting this issue
    • Your contact details if you'd like an update. Or, you can remain anonymous.
    • Other details that will assist us with your specific issue. For example, car registration number.
  2. Report the issue to us

    You can make a report online, in person or over the phone.

What happens after you have reported an issue?

We will:

  • Check the vehicle is registered.
  • Attempt to contact the last known owner to move the vehicle.
  • Keep an eye on the vehicle while we wait to hear from the owner.

This process can take anywhere from seven to 60 business days.

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