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This page is for submitting a request for pre-application advice

If you are seeking written confirmation as to whether or not a Planning Permit is required for your proposal, visit request a planning property enquiry.

What is pre-application advice?

Pre-application advice gives planning officers the opportunity to provide feedback to your draft proposals, concepts or plans, before you submit a formal planning permit application.

We provide the option for either a face-to-face meeting or a response in writing.

This service is optional and not a requirement for getting a planning permit.


How may this advice help your planning application?

This advice can provide guidance and direction on a planning proposal or concept and can identify any potential issues at an early stage. This may save you time, money and effort during the planning application process.


How much does it cost?

A flat fee is charged for each request for pre-application advice.

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    How to prepare for your request:

    Before starting your request, gather the following documents:

    1. Concept or draft plans and/or details of your proposal;
    2. A current copy of the title of the property (recently searched). Get your property title through Landata – Victoria Land and Registry Service.
    3. Any registered restrictions and agreements (covenants or agreements listed on the title)

    Any additional information details of your concept, proposal or request for advice can also be included.


    How to lodge your request

    Apply through our online portal to start your request:


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    When lodging your request, select 'Request and pay now' to pay by credit card.

    We only accept VISA and Mastercard.

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    Pay later by invoice (Credit or debit card, BPAY or Post BillPay)

    If you need more time to pay, select 'Request and pay later' when lodging your request.

    We will send your pre-application advice after we receive payment.

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    Contact us if you are unable to lodge online or need help.


    What happens next?

    Once we receive your request, we will either contact you to organise a meeting or provide written advice. Depending on the complexity of your request, our response may take between two to four weeks.