Drainage projects design and construction

Improving drainage and flood mitigation

We’re undertaking drainage works and upgrades across Manningham to reduce flood risk.

We prioritise drainage works by considering:

  • knowledge of local flooding and relative impacts compared with other locations
  • the scale of the required works
  • asset condition records and maintenance history 
  • community feedback
  • the timing of other proposed works, including roadworks.

Project timeframes may be impacted by various factors like major road projects or large-scale developments across Manningham.

Find out about the latest drainage projects in Manningham.


Flood and stormwater management

We’ve partnered with Melbourne Water to undertake flood mapping for Manningham, to better understand flood risk.

This work will assist flood management by:

  • improving understanding of the frequency, severity and location of flood risks within catchments
  • assisting Council to better plan and prioritise mitigation activities
  • helping to plan for future development
  • building community awareness of flood risk
  • informing emergency management planning.

The Manningham Flood Mapping Project will also inform the development of Manningham Council’s Integrated Water Management Strategy.

This strategy will review flooding and stormwater management risks and respond to emerging challenges, including:

  • population growth
  • development pressure
  • climate change and associated increasing flood and drought risk.

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A new Stormwater Management Strategy for Manningham

We’re developing a Stormwater Management Strategy to help identify, manage and reduce flood risk to people, property, infrastructure and the environment.

The Strategy will guide our planning and investment in the long-term Capital Works Program to support a healthy, safe and resilient community. 

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Find out about the latest drainage projects in Manningham