Open Space and Streetscape Advisory Committee

Our purpose

The Open Space and Streetscape Advisory Committee provides strategic advice on open space and streetscape issues.

Our role

The objectives of the committee is the promotion of our open spaces and streetscapes to ensure that they’re:

  • accessible
  • well designed
  • properly managed.

Who are our members

Our community members will be residents and also have:

  • demonstrated interest in open space or streetscape issues
  • personal, professional and community networks
  • an understanding in strategic decision making
  • prior experience working on committees.

One community member will have open space planning qualifications. While, 2 members will have proven knowledge of managing, planning and use relating to Ruffey Lake Park.

Membership will be up to 3 years and advertising for nominations will be in the Manningham Leader.

There’ll be up to 7 community members on the committee.

When do we meet

We meet quarterly.

How you apply

Send a completed nomination form to Paul Goodison,

Post a completed nomination form to Manningham City Council, PO Box 1 Doncaster VIC 3108.

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