Raising dementia awareness

We’re committed to being a dementia friendly city. We recognise that a person with dementia can still be an active member and can still live their best lives.

You can learn more about our commitment to being a dementia friendly city in our action plan.

Inclusive Manningham - A Dementia-Friendly City Action Plan
Inclusive Manningham - A Dementia-Friendly City Action Plan
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Finding support for anyone recently diagnosed with dementia

After a dementia diagnoses, it’s easy for you or your loved ones to feel overwhelmed. Support is available to help maintain a person’s independence and help them live well.

Dementia Australia can help individuals, couples and families by helping you:

  • learn how to live well at home
  • understand more about dementia
  • access local support services.

Make a difference and register to become a dementia friend

Become a dementia friend and make a positive difference to people living with dementia.

Register today and help increase awareness and support for people living with dementia.

Helpful resources

Dementia Australia language guidelines

Misusing words with negative connotations when discussing dementia can have negative impacts. It can also lead to stigma or discrimination. To ensure that the words we’re using are sensitive to those affected by dementia, Dementia Australia’s language guidelines is a great resource.

Dementia Australia – help sheets

You can get common sense advice and practical strategies on issues related to dementia from Dementia Australia’s help sheets.

Contact Dementia Australia

To learn more, contact the National Dementia Helpline toll free 1800 100 500 or visit the Dementia Australia website.