Doncaster Hill

Doncaster Hill is a sustainable, high density, mixed-use village that provides for high quality urban living.

Located in the heart of Doncaster, Victoria, approximately 12kms from Melbourne's Central Business District.

An activity centre for our community.

  • One of the highest points in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.
  • Panoramic views of the Dandenongs, Kinglake and the city's skyline.
  • A 58 hectare area stretching along the major corridors of Doncaster Road, Williamsons Road and Tram Road.

What's happening now?

We’re continuing to update Doncaster Hill to improve the way our community lives, works and enjoys this neighbourhood.

These works form a part of our infrastructure planning for this area and the long standing Doncaster Hill Strategy.

  1. A new park for Doncaster Hill

    The concept design for Hepburn Reserve has been developed in response to community feedback and will include outdoor seating, a BBQ area, a drinking fountain, public art, large open lawn areas, a playspace, nature play, canopy tree planting, bike hoops and more.

  2. Walker reserve upgrade

    This small local open space was upgraded in November 2019 to December 2020

  3. New U-turn lane on Tram Road

  4. Pedestrian signals at the Applewood Retirement Village

  5. Extension to Hepburn Road

  6. Tram Road and Merlin Street intersection traffic lights

What shapes Doncaster Hill?

With populations on the rise in Melbourne, Doncaster Hill is one of our solutions to meet the challenge of future housing needs. This modern urban village allows those of us who enjoy to live in the suburbs to continue to do so, whilst providing apartment-style living for others.

The Doncaster Hill Strategy helps guide us on the land use and development in this centre.

The Doncaster Hill Strategy (2002, revised 2004)
The Doncaster Hill Strategy (2002, revised 2004)
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How to get here by public transport

By bus

Many bus routes that are provided by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) travel through Doncaster Hill.

View the routes and timetables of the following bus services:


  • 907 (City to Mitcham via Doncaster Road)
  • 902 (Chelsea to Airport West via Doncaster/Williamsons Roads)
  • 903 (Altona to Mordialloc via Williamsons/Tram Roads)

Local services

We're strongly advocating for rail

In addition to bus services, we are strongly advocating for alternate public transport options with the State Government:

A chalk sketch of a conceptualisation of Doncaster Hill station at MC Square

That Doncaster station be built in the first stage of construction of the Victorian Government's proposed underground rail link to connect suburbs between Cheltenham and Doncaster.

Congestion on the Eastern Freeway

That the North East Link project preserve a future alignment for Doncaster Rail, and the design of the Doncaster Busway is delivered in a manner that allows it to be transitioned to heavy rail, once the bus system reaches capacity.

Aerial photograph over Doncaster with apartments and shopping centre

We maintain passive support for an extension of tram route #48 from Balwyn North to Doncaster Hill. This proposal is not currently on the State Government's agenda.

Reviewing our strategic vision

Find out why we are reviewing our strategic vision

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Are you a developer?

Use this toolkit to assist your developments in Doncaster Hill

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  • The Doncaster Hill Strategy (2002, revised 2004)
    The Doncaster Hill Strategy (2002, revised 2004)
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  • Doncaster Hill Mode Shift Plan
    Doncaster Hill Mode Shift Plan
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  • Doncaster-Hill-pedestrian-and-cycling-plan-february-2010
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  • Doncaster-Hill-Parking-Precinct-Plan-2004
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  • Manningham Bus Network Review
    Manningham Bus Network Review
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