Apply for landscape inspection or bond refund

After completing development and landscaping works, you will need to apply to get your bond back after a post-construction inspection.


How to arrange an inspection

  1. Search for your Planning Permit on the Planning Applications Portal
  2. Select “Landscaping Inspection” from the list of available actions for Permit applicant.

You will need to have a photo of the completed development (one taken from the street) ready to attach when submitting your request.

Once a request is received, it will be allocated to a Planning Officer, who will contact you to schedule an inspection.


Get your bond back after final inspection

You will get your bond refunded after the completion of a satisfactory inspection. Our team will be in touch to confirm that all required banking details are up-to-date before a bond refund is issued.

Get your bond back after a permit expires

If your development has not commenced and your permit has expired, you can request a refund of your bond. We will only give you a refund in a situation where we cannot extend a permit. This is generally six months after the expiry date.