Submit a construction management plan

We're committed to ensuring that construction works are undertaken with minimal impact and disruption to the surrounding community.

If you are developing land in Manningham, you may need to submit a Construction Management Plan (CMP) as required by a condition of your planning permit.


Construction Management Plan Template

A new standardised Construction Management Plan (CMP) template is available to use. Using the template will simplify the CMP process and speed up approval times. 

The CMP template covers the following:

  • Element A1: Public Safety, Amenity and Site Security
  • Element A2: Operating Hours, Noise and Vibration Controls
  • Element A3: Air Quality and Dust Management
  • Element A4: Stormwater and Sediment Control and Tree Protection
  • Element A5: Waste Minimisation
  • Element A6: Traffic and Parking Management

Download the CMP template.

Construction Management Plan
Construction Management Plan
2.78 MB


How to submit a completed CMP

Once you have completed the CMP, you can submit it along with any related documents via the online Planning Applications Portal.


What other permits are required

To ensure public health and safety, we regulate activities that take place on roads, footpaths and any other Council owned assets. In addition to the CMP, you may also need the following permits:

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