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How to apply

Read the information below to learn more about what you need before applying.

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If you need to install a hoarding on land that belongs to Manningham, you will need to get a hoarding permit. You will not need a hoarding permit if the location of the hoarding is within a building site.

This permit is not a report and consent for regulation 116, which is a requirement for the erection of precautions over the street alignment.

To keep the public safe, the placing of hoardings must be in accordance with the hoarding and overhead protective awning plan. This is a document we will endorse and is part of the permit.


The works that need a permit

You will only need a hoarding permit if part of the hoarding is

  • outside the property boundary
  • the hoarding changes normal access for the public such as partial or full occupation of the footpath.

The following works will require a permit:

  • carrying out construction works or using a concrete pump
  • store building materials, plants, equipment, site sheds or machinery.


Works that require the use of a crane

If you are using a mobile crane or travel tower, you will also need a permit. Please note, if you are applying for a crane permit and the crane overhangs or encroaches above a property that is not part of the work, you will need written consent from the airspace owner.


When do you need the permit?

You will need to get the permits before starting any work. We will process your application in 10 business days.


How much does it cost?

The application fee is $450 plus a weekly occupation rate of $6 per square meter.

The maximum occupation charge rate is $450 per week and a minimum of $250.

View all permits and fees.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete a hoarding or overhead protective awning permit application. 

    Hoarding Permit - Application form
    Hoarding Permit - Application form
    369.31 KB
  2. After receiving your application and providing approval, we will send you an invoice for payment.

  3. Pay online using the HDG/application number.

  4. The permit will be sent to you.

How to cancel

If you’re no longer doing any work requiring a hoarding permit, contact us to cancel your application or permit. If you’ve already made a payment, we’ll give you a refund.